Saturday, February 18, 2017

Scarf Love

I was recently at my local yarn shop The Flying Needles and they had a Noro scarf on display. I have always enjoyed Noro yarns but something about that scarf just pulled me to it. I bought some more Noro (I already had some in my stash) and went home and immediately cast aside all other projects to knit this scarf.
Now I'm knitting my second one. It is something about the every changing and contrasting colors that keeps me addicted to these scarves.

Pattern can be found here: Ravelry

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

In Need of Knitted Love

Dear Fellow Yarnies,

My 34 year old niece, just found out she has cancer. She started chemo this week. She is a single mom to a 13 year old boy. She went to the ER thinking she was having accute appendicistis, they discovered a tumor. After the tests they found colon cancer and cancer in her ovaries.

She lives 8 hours away, and even though she is near her brothers and her mom, I want to send her some knitting love. I am knitting up chemo caps in fun colors to cheer her up.

I'd to ask if any of you  have the time if you would knit or crochet one for her. I want to put together a box of knitting love to send to her.

If you would like to donate a cap or some other knitting love, please let me know.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Things that Make You Go. . . What the. . . ?

There things in life that just make you shake your head sometimes. But this past week as been a perfect example.

It clearly was not a good week to be a celebrity. We said good-bye to David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty,  Celine Dion lost her husband and her brother,  Natalie Cole, Lemmy.

This has been a seriously rough time recently for Hollywood and the music industry.

On a lighter note, YouTube is once again filled with things make you question humanity as a whole, seriously just because you have a cell phone with a camera (and I know a few people still using flip phones with no camera) doesn't mean you should post pictures of a family member attempting to do something like sing, dance, play an instrument, or string a coherent sentence together. It was a bad week for vid clips, as well.

At least, the debates are providing some comic relief in the midst of all this insanity.

Just in case you missed it:

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Move to the Edge

As many regular readers here know, I am an Apple fan. I have have many Apple devices and have for years. However, recently I have lost faith in the Apple ecosystem. The products, marketing, lack of innovation has led me to be disillusioned by what was my favorite brand.

Most recently it was time for an upgrade to my phone. I was still using a 5c 16G. I spent several months examining the various phone options, Apple, Andriod, Windows. I decided on the Samsung S6 Edge Plus. I wanted something larger. Frankly, I don't think anyone can beat the graphics on the Samsung.

I went to several stores looked at everything. I was starting to feel like the experience was worse than buying a car.

The kind salesman at Best Buy told me to be prepared for it to take about two weeks for me to get used to the Andriod world versus Apple. But I have to say, that even though this is my first day, I am finding the transition quite easy. There are some things to get used to and I'm sure some things to learn.

So for now, as far as phones are concerned I am a convert away from the Apple ecosystem and I am enjoying living on the Edge.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jazzy Christmas

Well my knitting friends, the time is here, our fingers are cramping from the late night knitting sessions to finish those gifts we thought would be done by now.

I know about you but I started back in August, with great plans, and I have been knitting daily, but still however, I am in a last minute crunch. I don't know how that happened. I actually think I am further behind than if I had waited and started knitting later.

But, the decorations are up, the tree is lit, there are children ice skating everywhere I go, despite the temps being in the 50s.

The holiday menu is up at the coffee shops (thank you for that one).

Local radio stations are playing Christmas music 24/7 and best of all, Dave Koz and friends gave a wonderful Holiday Concert.

If you like jazz and have a chance to see this annual concert, don't miss it. Really! DH enjoys Dave Koz, and I'm a big Candy Dulfer fan and this year both on tour together. It was a perfect evening.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors are so dynamic, the air is clean and crisp. A cup of tea and a  fire in the fire pit. And knitting!

This weekend I finished a Waldo hat for my group halloween costume and a hat and scarf set for a friend of the hubbies.

I used Lion Brand Scarfie, that I found at AC Moore recently in the sale bin. It is gray and wine. I thought it came out nicely. The scarf if seed stitch the hat is a basic one with two and a half inch 1x1 ribbing and stockinette stitching.

I had a great many plans for knitting so many things for Christmas. I fear though I may be behind schedule as a co-worker reminded me on Friday just how close Christmas really is, or rather how close the deadline is for shipping things out to arrive in time for Christmas. It makes one start to chew the ends of the bamboo needles.   I hope that where ever you are dear reader you are enjoying clear skies and mild temperatures and some lovely refreshments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Journey Continues

Great news, so far I have lost 6lbs. I have been in the pool two to three times a week with aqua aerobics and laps as well as a little weight lifting. My fitness coach Alexis is so patient and has a great sense of humor which is required if you use my name and weight lifting in the same sentence.

Alexis and I met on Saturday after an hour of water aerobics and an hour of volleyball (in the pool), for a 1/2 hour of weight lifting. We came up with a program for me to use for the next three weeks when we will meet again for the "official" weight in and measurements. Should be exciting!

This week I tried a new food item for dinner. Tomatoes from my own garden stuffed with couscous and quinoa. It was delicious.